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-UNIR, University of Rioja

Thesis Director - Master in Pedagogy and Education

From 2022


Violin Professor

From 2021

-Vice President ESTA España

European String Teachers Organization

From 2021

¨Oksana Solovieva is a wonderful violinist and teacher. I started studying with her during my Bachelor degree. As a pedagogue, she gives excellent advices, especially about violin technique and orchestral excerpts. Her tips helped me to take advantage of my practicing hours, improving my technique and musicality at the same time. Oksana is a very active musician and artist; she can help young musicians in any moment of their studies or career. At the end of my studies she gave me excellent orientations for the professional life. Her passion for teaching creates a very comfortable atmosphere between she and the student. I truly recommend her lessons!¨

                 - Mireia Carreras

¨Hi, I was student of PhD Oksana Solovieva for 4 years in Barcelona. I highly recommend her as a teacher. She’s very kind, patient, practical, great violinist, so on. Thanks to her, I improved my violin skills very fast and she inspired me so much musically. I couldn’t be more thankful to had been her student.¨

                      - Marcel Ignacio Riera


¨Oksana is a wonderful teacher! She is dedicated and extremelly helpful. She always manage to find the best ressource to help you solve any technical or musical problem! On top of that she is a very kind and supportuve teacher. I would absolutely recommend her!¨

     - Asier Merino


¨I studied with her during my bachelor degree and she was one of the best violin professors I have ever had. She has a deeply understanding of all violin concepts, technique and violin repertoire, and the most important, she know extremely well how to work on them in order to improve it. She works always with a musical objective and has thousands of ideas, suggestions and tips, not only musical and technical but psychological advices that helped improving my play. She always listens the students and push them to have their own ideas. I improved not only as a violinist but as a musician.¨

         - David Manresa

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